Geoff Block - RLB Squared Manager

About Geoff Block

A former senior administrator with Crown Growth Partners, Geoff Block holds a bachelor of science in business management from Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. After leaving the world of Wall Street investment at the end of 2012, Geoff Block devoted himself to the full-time management of his family investment holdings. Working with his wife Kim, Geoff Block founded RLB Squared in 2013.

RLB Squared is a real estate investment and development company with headquarters in Bluffton, South Carolina. Mr. Block’s responsibilities with RLB include overseeing company operations and supervising all company employees.

RLB’s recent acquisitions include Sharp Plaza, a 147,077-square-foot office building in Mahwah, New Jersey. Located at the intersection of I-287 and Route 17, Sharp Plaza features a full-service cafeteria and a parking lot big enough to accommodate 647 vehicles. Mr. Block has partnered with Bryan Becker, the founder and chief executive officer of the Becker Organization, to manage this new real estate enterprise.